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    SAFED Van Training

    SAFED Van Training is an essential driving course aimed at commercial van drivers. SAFED for Vans provides drivers with the training to improve safety and also to save money. SAFED Van Driver Training Courses have a proven track record for reducing fuel consumption, insurance and maintenance costs and reducing occupational road risks. SAFED courses are geared towards Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving. The course is backed by the Department of Transport.

    SAFED Van Driver Course Benefits

    • Less injuries and fatalities on our roads
    • Less accident damage to your vehicles
    • Reduced downtime for vehicles and drivers
    • Possible reduction in insurance and other costs
    • Lower costs (fuel, insurance, vehicle maintenance etc)Improved profit margins
    • Reduced emissions
    • Improved environmental performance

    Van Driver Assessments

    Van Driver Training is essential for companies to ensure that their drivers are safe, efficient and up to date with current legislation. Van Driver Assessments can be used for interview purposes or to target training where it is needed, with the highest risk drivers in your fleet.

    Van Driver Training

    Training your van drivers will reduce occupational road risk, reduce incidents and collisions, improve fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance and servicing costs and save you money on insurance.

    SAFED for Vans

    The Department for Transport funded SAFED scheme is designed to ensure Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving from all of your van drivers. There is currently some funding available for companies who want their drivers to undertake this well proven course.

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